The Science Division of Meridian Community College welcomes you. We offer courses in science, including Biology (for majors and non-majors), Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics (General and Engineering).

BIO 1113Principles of Biology I 3
BIO 1111Principles of Biology I Lab3
BIO 1114Principles of Biology4
BIO 1123Principles of Biology II3
BIO 1121Principles of Biology II Lab1
BIO 1124Principles of Biology II4
BIO 1133General Biology I3
BIO 1131General Biology I Lab1
BIO 1134General Biology I4
BIO 1143General Biology II 3
BIO 1141General Biology II Lab1
BIO 1144General Biology II4
BIO 1513Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I3
BIO 1511Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I Lab1
BIO 1514Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 1523Principles of Anatomy and Physiology II3
BIO 1521Principles of Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1
BIO 1524Principles of Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO 1533Survey of Anatomy and Physiology3
BIO 1531Survey of Anatomy and Physiology Lab1
BIO 1534Survey of Anatomy and Physiology4
BIO 1613Nutrition3
BIO 2513Anatomy and Physiology3
BIO 2511Anatomy and Physiology Lab I1
BIO 2514Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 2523Anatomy and Physiology II3
BIO 2521Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1
BIO 2524Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO 2923 Microbiology3
BIO 2921Microbiology Lab1
CHE 1113Chemistry Survey3
CHE 1111Chemistry Survey Lab1
CHE 1214General Chemistry Survey4
CHE 1213General Chemistry I3
CHE 1211General Chemistry I Lab1
CHE 1214General Chemistry I4
CHE 1223General Chemistry II 3
CHE 1221General Chemistry II Lab1
CHE 1224General Chemistry II4
CHE 2423Organic Chemistry I3
CHE 2421Organic Chemistry I Lab1
CHE 2424Organic Chemistry I4
CHE 2433Organic Chemistry II3
CHE 2431Organic Chemistry II Lab1
CHE 2434Organic Chemistry II4
PHY 1113Introduction to Astronomy I3
PHY 2243Physical Science I3
PHY 2241Physical Science I Lab1
PHY 2244Physical Science I4
PHY 2253Physical Science II3
PHY 2251Physical Science II Lab1
PHY 2254Physical Science II4
PHY 2413General Physics I3
PHY 2411General Physics I Lab1
PHY 2414General Physics I4
PHY 2423General Physics II3
PHY 2421General Physics II Lab1
PHY 2424General Physics with Lab4
PHY 2515General Physics 1-A5
PHY 2525General Physics II-A5