Meridian Community College
910 Highway 19 N,
Meridian, MS 39307


Philosophy Courses:

PHI 1133, Historical Studies in the New Testament, 3 cr.
A survey covering the books of the New Testament, this course looks at the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, his parables, miracles and addresses and the influence these teachings have had on contemporary lives.


PHI 2113, Introduction to Philosophy, 3 cr.
This course offers students an introduction to systematic and philosophical thinking.  Emphasis will be given to significant people and trends of philosophy both past and present, as well as to learning how to think properly and how to come to grips with ‘proper’ thinking of great philosophers.


PHI 2613, World Religions, 3 cr.
This course offers a comparison of the beliefs and developments of the Christian religion with those of Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and other important religions.