Prerequisites for English 2153 ENG 1113 and ENG 1123

Traditional Grammer – A course for elementary education majors, serious writers, and teachers of writing, this course focuses on English fundamentals- all the aspects of traditional grammar that teachers may encounter in teaching language skills.

3 hrs. credit


ENG 1113, English Composition I, 3 cr.

This course emphasizes the development of effective writing techniques and focuses on expository writing, some of which may be in response to assigned readings.  Students also learn research skills.  Students must demonstrate competency in basic computer usage to exit the course.  Prerequisite:  ACT score of 18 or above in English (or equivalent) or a “C: or above in English 1023.  3 hours lecture.


ENG 1123, English Composition II, 3 cr.

Students continue to develop effective techniques of writing and reading.  The course emphasizes refining style, using discrimination in word choice and expressing the results of critical reading, thinking and analysis.  Readings include poetry, drama, short stories and essays.  Special attention is given to the use of library and reference materials, culminating in the writing of critical papers and research themes.  Prerequisite:  ENG 1113. 3 hours lecture.



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