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University Transfer

Michael Thompson, Dean

General Education includes those courses traditionally labeled “arts and sciences” plus other experiences which give students a wide background of interrelated knowledge. The purpose of these courses and experiences is to enable students to think logically, to solve problems, and to clearly communicate their thoughts, choices, and solutions. General education provides the stimulus to encourage students to investigate more deeply those unfamiliar areas that will enrich their lives and enable them to cope with the stresses and changes of life in years to come.

General Education Goals

  1. Clearly communicate in oral form.
  2. Clearly communicate in written form.
  3. Think logically.
  4. Solve problems.

Associate in Arts

MCC offers the University Transfer Program for students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution. The University Transfer Program is parallel to the courses taken by freshmen and sophomores at universities and senior colleges. Students who plan to continue their studies at a university should secure a catalog from that school so that their schedules can be formatted to parallel the senior institution’s curriculum.

The University Transfer Associate in Arts degree consists of a series of core courses and a selection of transferable courses based on the student’s desired major. Generally, one-half of the hours required for a bachelor’s degree may be transferred from a community college to apply to a degree at a senior institution.