Program Outcomes



The purpose of the MCC Practical Nursing  Program is to prepare graduates for practice as licensed practical nurses within the ethical and legal framework of nursing in a variety of healthcare settings. The program prepares graduates for success on NCLEX PN® and for employment as a safe entry level practitioner. 

Role Specific Graduate Competencies:
Upon completion of the program, the graduate will:

The graduate will:
  1. Utilize clinical decision making to provide safe, effective care for clients of all ages with common health problems in a variety of setting.
  2. Perform nursing skills safely with knowledge of rationale.
  3. Provide nursing care based on knowledge of growth and development.
  4. Utilize therapeutic communication skills effectively.
  5. Assist the RN in planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care.
  6. Demonstrate responsible behavior in regard to continued self growth, and practice within the legal/ethical standards of nursing.
  7. Demonstrate caring behaviors in the delivery of quality nursing care.

NCLEX PN® 1st Write Pass Rates
Practical Nursing Completion Rates
Class admitted Fall 2011 (Part-time)58.6%
Class admitted in Spring 201270.6%
Class admitted in Fall 201263%
Class admitted in Spring 201378.6%
Class admitted in Fall 201389.3%
Class admitted in Fall 2013 (Part-time)48%
Class admitted in Spring 201471.4%
Class admitted in Fall 201471.9%
Job Placement Rates
Graduating ClassRespondents employed as LPNs
August 201293%
December 201281%
May 201382%
August 201374%
December 201375%
August 201491%
December 201495%
May 201587%