Welding and Cutting Technology



One year certificate/ For credit course
Shane Simmons
Welding & Cutting Technology is a one-year (for credit) certificate program designed to prepare a student for employment and advancement in industrial plants and construction companies. For more information on the certificate program read the gainful employment disclosure and for more information on the technical certificate program read the gainful employment disclosure.

This certificate program is well-grounded in fundamental job competencies that emphasize various kinds of welding and cutting applications. Located in the former Wal-Mart building, the Workforce Development Center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art training equipment and a highly capable staff.

The program will utilize the Workforce Training Center’s new enclosed welding fabrication shop consisting of 10 welding machines, metal brake, shear and plasma cutters.
Certifications/ Training Earned
M3 Credential (Level 1)
OSHA General Industry Training
Multiple other certification opportunities available