Meridian Community College
910 Highway 19 N,
Meridian, MS 39307


First Year
First Semester
TCT 1113Fundamentals of Telecommunications3
EET 1114DC Circuits4
EET 1214Digital Electronics4
MAT 1313College Algebra3
CSC 1123Microcomputer Applications3
*TCT 1910Telecommunications Seminar0.5
 Semester Total17.5
Second SemesterHours
TCT 2314Digital Communications I4
EET 1123AC Circuits3
TCT 2214Telephone Systems4
EET 1314Solid State Devices & Circuits>4
ENG 1113English Composition I3
*TCT 1920Telecommunications Seminar0.5
 Semester Total18.5
Second Year
First Semester
TCT 2324Digital Communications II4
EET 2423Fundamentals of Fiber Optics3
 Technical Elective* *4
 Social/Behavioral Science Elect.3
*TCT 1930Telecommunications Seminar0.5
 Semester Total14.5
Second SemesterHours
TCT 2414Microwave & Satellite Comm.4
CST 2113Computer Service Lab I3
SPT 1113Principles of Speech3
 Humanities/Fine Arts Elective3
*TCT 1940Telecommunications Seminar0.5
 Semester Total13.5
 Total Hours64