Meridian Community College
910 Highway 19 N,
Meridian, MS 39307


First Year

First SemesterCourseHours
MST 1313Advanced Shop Mathematics3
MST 1413Blueprint Reading3
MST 1115Power Machinery5
MST 1911Seminar I1
ELT 2613PLC for Millwrights3
DDT 1114Fundamentals of Drafting4
Semester Hours 19

Second Semester Hours
MST 1125Power Machinery II5
MST 1613Precision Layout3
MST 1423Advanced Blueprint Reading3
MST 1921Seminar II1
DDT 1313Principles of CAD3
DDT 1213Construction Materials3
Semester Hours 18

Second Year Industrial Option

Third Semester Hours
IMM 1118Industrial Maintenance I18
 Ind. Maintenance Safety 
 Ind. Main. Math and Measurement 
 Ind. Main. Blueprint Reading 
 Ind. Hand Tools and Mech. Componets 
 Power Tool Applications 
 Preventative Maint. and Service of Equipment 
 Methods of Layout 
IMM 1910Seminar I.5
Semester Hours 18.5

Fourth Semester Hours
IMM 1215Industrial Maintenance II15
 Principles of Piping and Hydro Testing 
 Maintenance Welding and Metals 
 Industrial Electricity for Maintenance Trades 
 Structural Repair 
IMM 1920Seminar II.5
 Technical Elective3
Semester Hours 18.5
Total Hours 74

Second Year Construction Option

Third Semester Hours
CAV 1115Foundations3
CAV 1132Blueprint Reading2
CAV 1235Floor and Wall Framing5
CAV 1244Ceiling and Roof Framing4
CAV 1412Roofing2
CAV 1910Seminar I for Construction Trades.5
Semester Hours 18.5

Fourth Semester Hours
CAV 1123Forming Applications5
CAV 1514Exterior Finishing4
CAV 1317Interior Finishing and Cabinet Making7
CAV 1920Seminar II for Construction Trades.5
 Technical Elective3
Semester Hours 17.5
Total Hours 73