BIO 2514Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab
(no more than five years before entry program.
BIO 2524Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab
(no more than five years before entry program)
Total Hours 8
First Semester 
RCT 1213Respiratory Care Sciences4
RCT 1313Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology3
RCT 1223Patient Assessment and Planning3
RCT 1414Respiratory Care Tech I4
RGT 1011Seminar I1
RCT 1613
Respiratory Pharmacology3
Semester Hours 18
Second Semester
SPT 1113Public Speaking3
RCT 1516Clinical Practice I6
RCT 1424Respiratory Care Tech II4
RCT 1021Seminar II1
RCT 2333Cardiopulmonary Pathology3
Semester Hours 17
Summer Semester 
 RCT 1524Clinical Practice II4
 RCT 1323Pulmonary Function Testing3
ENG 1113English Composition I3
Semester Hours 10
Second Year
First Semester
 Social / Behavioral Science Elective3
 Humanities / Fine Arts Elective3
RCT 2534Clinical Practice III4
RCT 2434Respiratory Care Tech III4
RCT 2031Seminar III1
CSC 1113Computer Concepts3
Semester Hours 18
Second Semester
RCT 2713Respiratory Care Seminar3
RCT 2546Clinical Practice IV6
RCT 2613Neonatal/Pediatric Manag.3
Semester Hours 12
Total Hours 74