BIO 2514Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab4
MAT 1313College Algebra3
Total Hours 7
Freshman Year
First Semester Summer
AHT 1113Medical Terminology (online)3
RGT 1212Fundamentals of Radiography (online)2
ENG 1113English Composition I3
BIO 2524 A&P II with Lab4
Semester Hours 12
Second Semester Fall  
RGT 1614Physics of Imaging Equipment4
RGT 1514Radiographic Procedures I4
RGT 1111Radiologic Seminar I1
RGT 1222Patient Care in Radiography2
RGT 1114Clinical Education I4
PSY 1513General Psychology3
Semester Hours 18
Third Semester Spring  
RGT 1312Principles of Radiation Protection2
RGT 1121Radiologic Seminar II1
RGT 1523Radiographic Procedures II3
RGT 1413Imaging Principles3
RGT 1124Clinical Education II4
 Humanities/Fine Arts Elective3
Semester Hours 16
Fourth Semester - Summer (10 weeks)  
 RGT 1139Clinical Education III 9
 RGT 1423Digital Imaging3
Semester Hours 12
Fifth Semester - Fall  
RGT 2132Ethical & Legal Responsibilities2
RGT 2147Clinical Education IV7
RGT 2111Radiologic Seminar III1
RGT 2533Radiographic Procedures III3
SPT 1113Public Speaking3
Semester Hours 16
Second Year
Sixth Semester - Spring
RGT 2542Radiographic Procedures IV2
RGT 2921Radiologic Seminar IV1
RGT 2157Clinical Education V7
RGT 2121Radiation Biology1
RGT 2921Radiographic Pathology1
RGT 2932Certification of Fundamentals2
Semester Hours 14
Total Hours (including prerequisites) 95
*Radiologic Technology Program students are restricted to a 40-clock hour week of courses.