Meridian Community College
910 Highway 19 N,
Meridian, MS 39307


Core Performance Standards
First Year
First SemesterHours
MLT 1111Fundamentals of MLT/Phlebotomy1
ENG 1113 English Composition I3
CHE 1213/1211General Chemistry I/Lab4
CHE 1113/1111Chemistry Survey/Lab4
MLT 1911Medical Lab Seminar I1
BIO 2513/2511Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab4
MAT 1233Intermediate Algebra
 Behavorial Science Elective3
 Semester Total19
Second SemesterHours
SPT 1113Public Speaking3
MLT 1413Immunology/Serology3
MLT 1921Medical Lab Seminar II1
MLT 2513 Parasitology3
MLT 1213Urinalysis/Body Fluids3
BIO 2923-2921Microbiology w/Lab4
 Semester Total17
Summer SemesterHours
 Humanities/Fine Arts Elective3
 MLT 1313Hematology I3
 Semester Total6
Second Year
First SemesterHours
 MLT 2614 Pathogenic Microbiology4
 MLT 2424 Immunohematology4
MLT 1515  Clinical Chemistry5
MLT 1324 Hematology II4
 MLT 2711 Medical Lab Seminar III1
 Semester Total18
Second SemesterHours
 MLT 2916Clinical Practice I6
 MLT 2926 Clinical Practice II6
 MLT 2921Medical Lab Seminar IV1
(40 Hours per Week)
 Semester Hours13
 Summer SemesterHours
 MLT 2935Clinical Practice III5
 MLT 2722 Certification Fundamentals of MLT2
(40 Hours per Week)
 Semester Total7
 Total Semester Hours80