First Year
First Semester
HIT 1213Medical Terminology3
HIT 1114Health Record Systems4
BIO 2513Anatomy and Physiology II3
BIO 2511Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1
ENG 1113English Comp I3
CSC 1123Computer Application3
HIT 1910Seminar I0
 Semester Hours17
Second Semester
HIT 1323Health Care Law and Ethics3
HIT 1413Pathophysiology I3
HIT 2212Pharmacology2
HIT 2913Computers in Health Care3
 Humanities/Fine Arts Elective3
SPT 1113Public Speaking3
HIT 1920Seminar II0
 Semester Hours17
Second Year
First Semester
HIT 2615Coding Systems I5
HIT 2423Pathophysiology II3
HIT 2123Alternate Care Systems3
HIT 2513Professional Practice Experience I3
HIT 2133Health Statistics3
HIT 2142Electronic Health Record2
HIT 2910Seminar III0
 Semester Hours19
Second Semester
HIT 2625Coding Systems II5
HIT 2713Health Care Supervision3
HIT 2812Performance Improvement Techniques2
HIT 2523Professional Practice Experience II3
HIT 2633Reimbursement Methodologies3
 Behavioral Science Elective3
HIT 2921Seminar IV1
 Semester Hours20
Total Semester Hours