Fire Protection Technology - Non Specialty Program
ENG 1113English Composition I3
ENG 1123English Composition II3
SPT 1113Public Speaking3
HIS 1163World Civilization I3
HIS 1173World Civilization II3
 Humanities / Fine Arts6
 Social Science6
 Laboratory Science8
MAT 1313College Algebra3
 Computer Science3
Semester  Hours41
Fire Protection Core Course  Hours 
FFT 1113
Introduction to Fire Science
FFT 1123
Introduction to Fire Prevention3
FFT 1213
Fire Fighting Principles & Practices3
FFT 1223Fire Apparatus and Hydraulics3
FFT 2313Disaster Management3
FFT 2323Building Construction3
FFT 2333Fire Fighter Safety3
FFT 2413
Strategy and Tactics3
FFT 2423
Incident Management Systems3
FFT 2433Special Prob. in Fire Protection3
EMST 11184
Emergency Medical Technician8
Semester Hours30/35
Total Semester Hours71/77
Fire Administration Specialty Elective Courses 
FFT 1813Fire Law3
FFT 2813Fire Department Management3
FFT 2823Fire Service Supervision3
FFT 2833Financial Management3
Community Risk Management Elective Courses 
FFT 1913Planning for Fire & Emergency Services3
FFT 2913Delivering Fire & Emergency Services3
FFT 2923Community Risk Management I3
FFT 2933Community Risk Management II3
Semester Hours12
Total Semester Hours66/72