Meridian Community College
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Meridian, MS 39307


Progression: To meet graduation requirements for these programs, students must successfully complete the specified courses listed below with a "C" average (grade point average of 2.00) or better. A grade of "C" or higher is required in each program specific course to progress in the program.

Minimum Admission Requirements (In addition to general admission requirements)

Attain a 17 composite score on the ACT;
Score a 70 or higher on the ACCUPLACER reading section and a 63 or higher on the algebra section; Or Earn a "C" or above in Intermediate English (ENG 0123) and a "C" or above in Beginning Algebra (MAT 0123); Or Complete 15 semester hours with an average of "C" or above at an accredited college or university and earn a "C" or above in Beginning Algebra (MAT 0123). Aside from Beginning Algebra, developmental coursework does not satisfy this requirement;
Complete a minimum of 100 hours of related certification training through a recognized fire academy or emergency service training institution. Note: Meeting this requirement allows a student to enter the ESD program on a provisional basis. Other admission requirements must be met in order to enroll in general education courses.
Complete a student interview with the program coordinator after all other requirements have been met. Students must contact the program coordinator for enrollment in any Fire Protection Technology or Emergency Management and Communications Technology course.