Students in the Early Childhood Education Technology Program must attend MCC full-time (12 or more semester credit hours).

Courses must be taken in sequence as outlined. Any deviation from this program must have prior approval of the program coordinator.

In order to progress in this program, you must earn a grade of “C” or better on program specific coursework (courses with CDT prefixes) and maintain an overall “C” or better (a minimum of a 2.0 GPA).

First Year
First SemesterHOURS CREDIT
CDT1111 Early Childhood Education Seminar I1
CDT1113 Early Childhood Profession3
CDT1214 Infant and Toddler Development4
CDT1343 Child Health, Safety and Nutrition3
CDT  1313 Creative Arts3
ENG1113 English Comp I3
Second SemesterHOURS CREDIT
CDT 1121 Early Childhood Education Seminar II1
CDT1224 Preschool Development4
CDT2233 Guiding Social & Emotional Behavior3
CDT1713 Language & Literacy Development 3
CDT2714 Social Studies, Math & Science for Young Children4
SPT1113 Principles of Speech3
Second Year
Third SemesterHOURS CREDIT
CCT2111 Early Childhood Education Seminar III1
CDT2413 Development of the Exceptional Child3
CDT2613 Methods, Material & Measurement3
   Fine Arts Elective3
CDT2513 Family Dynamics and Community Involvement3
CDT2914 Initial Practicum4
Fourth SemesterHOURS CREDIT
CDT2121 Early Childhood Education Seminar IV1
CDT2944 Advanced Practicum4
CDT2813 Administration of Programs for Young Children3
   College Algebra/Science with Lab3/4
   Social/Behavioral Science3
   TOTAL HOURS For the AAS Degree  66/67