How do I obtain the PTA Information Packet with program specific forms needed for admission to the PTA Program?  You may download the PTA Information Packet from the Admission Requirements page.

When is the deadline for admission to the PTA Program?  The 2014 Fall Admission deadline is May 1, 2014 for all admission material, including transcripts.

Will I need to send transcripts again at the end of the semester?  If you take general education courses in the spring semester that are not completed before May 1 deadline, you should have transcripts sent once grades are recorded for the Spring semester.  The reason that this is important is admissions is competitive and the more general education courses you have completed and the better your grades, the more competitive you are as an applicant.

Who should complete my reference forms?  Employers, teachers, or anyone that has known you in the past five years and can attest to your work ethic.

Where do I need to complete the observation hours needed and how do I schedule observation?  You may complete observation at any physical therapy site such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, home health, etc.  To schedule your time you call the physical therapy department in which you wish to observe and request to observe as part of the admissions requirement for the PTA Program.

What is the starting salary for Physical Therapist Assistants?  You can expect to start at approximately $40,000 a year with a range to $45,000 plus, depending on the setting.

Why is having all my transcripts sent SO important?  Admission is competitive and a point system is utilized based on ACT score, grades, courses taken, essay and interview.

Will a Residual ACT be accepted? No, only a National ACT score will be accepted.

Is completing the PTA Program needed to gain admission to a Physical Therapy Program?  No, the PTA degree is an associate’s degree and Physical Therapy Programs are graduate degree programs.  Most Physical Therapy programs require a bachelor’s degree prior to admission.  The PTA program is not designed for university transfer.

Can I attend the PTA program at night or part-time?  The PTA courses are only offered during the day, however some of the general education courses in the curriculum are offered in the evenings and weekends.  Once admitted to the program, you are required to be full-time (12 hours) each semester.


When and where will I perform my clinicals?  The first three-week clinical is at the end of the first year of the program in the summer. The last semester of the program consists of three five-week clinicals.  Clinical rotations are located in the Meridian area, as well as, other cities in MS and nearby states.

If I am enrolled at Meridian Community College, Do I need to complete a MCC application?  If you are enrolled in the CURRENT semester, you do not need to complete a MCC application.  However, you do need to let the Health Education Advisor know that you wish to apply to the PTA Program.  All other forms must be completed and turned in by deadline (from PTA Information Packet).

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