Frequently Asked Questions

What does a dental hygienist do?
Works with patients on an individual basis

Works with patients of all ages

Scales and polishes teeth

Applies fluoride treatments and dental sealants

Exposes and processes radiographs

Performs oral cancer screenings

Provides patient education relating oral health and total body health

Has flexible work hours

Has the satisfaction of helping others achieve oral and overall health


Where can a dental hygienist find employment?
Private general dental or periodontal office

Public dental health clinic or state health department

Consultant/Educator with the Indian Health Services, Dept of Education for teachers & school nurses, WIC, Headstart agencies

Product sales person, for example-toothpaste, dental instruments, and dental equipment sales representative

For more information see the American Dental Hygiene website


What can I expect for the salary?
In Mississippi, approximately $20. 69 hourly, or a yearly range of $30,000- $40,000


How do I obtain a license?
Attend an accredited program, which Meridian Community College provides

Pass the written National Board of Dental Hygiene Examination

Pass a state clinical examination

How do I get started?
Refer to Meridian Community College's entrance requirements or contact one of the faculty with your inquiries or if currently enrolled at MCC, contact the Health Education Advisor.

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