LearnMate, is a suite of e-learning solutions for anytime, anywhere learning.

LearnMate LMS (learning management system) is a powerful tool that allows instructors to manage classroom and lab activities, to track students’ performance and progress, and to create, develop and deliver curriculum content. LearnMate LMS also enables interaction and collaboration of students and instructors in virtual learning communities

LearnMate Content modules are delivered to student desktops via the Internet or LAN networks in small and easily assimilated segments of instruction. Modules are rich in multimedia or interactivity, such as video,audio, animation, graphic rollovers, quizzes for tests. Fully integrated simulation software and advanced interactive 3D animations teach hands-on skills and give students genuine occupational experiences in a simulated environment.

LearnMate Live virtual classrooms provide live instruction and classroom interaction over the Internet or a local area network(LAN). LearnMate supports and enhances all Intelitek training systems as well as our TEAM program — an activity-based,competency-driven program that prepares pre-engineering students with the technological knowledge, skills and competencies crucial for successful careers in engineering and precision manufacturing environments.

LearnMate Course list includes:

  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Fiber Optics
  • Hydraulics
  • Quality Control & Measurement
  • Mechanisms
  • Programmable Logic Controllers & Sensors
  • Pneumatics
  • Process Control

Contact: Workforce Project Manager - Darren Bane
Phone:  601.481.1318