Loan Programs



  1. Small Business Assistance Program
    This program will participate with the Senior Lender for 50% of a project up to $100,000. This fund is used for general business start ups or expansions when full time jobs are being created or retained and traditional bank loans have been denied due to a slight weakness in either collateral, credit history, capacity, cashflow or the applicant's character.
  2. Minority Business Enterprise Program
    A program facilitated by the Mississippi Department of Economic and Community Development, this fund is for minorities and women and will participate in loans with the Senior Lender at 50% up to $100,000.
  3. High Risk Loan Program
    A program designed to participate in those higher risk ventures up to $110,000 or 50% of the Senior Lender's project.
  4. General Loan Fund Program
    A program for the smaller projects that will participate with the Senior Lender at 75% up to $18,500.

Contact your bank or call 601-482-7445 for more information on how to access these funds.