Scholarship Classifications

The following policies and regulations are used in administering the scholarships for MCC:

  • All scholarship recipients must maintain at least 15 credit hours.  Any recipient who falls below 15 credit hours will not be eligible for an academic scholarship in future semesters.
  • All scholarship recipients must maintain the grade point average as specified in their award letter.  There is no probationary period.
  • Any scholarship recipient dismissed from school for disciplinary reasons forfeits his/her scholarship and is not eligible for another scholarship.
  • A scholarship recipient who fails to attend school in consecutive fall/spring semester forfeits his/her award.
  • Scholarships do not cover fees, such as registration, technology, safety and security, or summer school tuition and fees.
  • Any scholarship recipient who officially or unofficially withdraws forfeits his/her scholarship.  The student will then be ineligible for a scholarship for the following semester of attendance.
  • Any scholarship recipient who withdraws from school is encouraged, but not required to pay back any of his/her scholarship. The student will not receive any refund of scholarship money.
  • Scholarships are awarded for a maximum of four semesters.
  • Any student in default on any type of financial aid is not eligible to receive any scholarship.

Additional Policies for President’s and Dean’s Scholarships

  • President's and Dean's scholarships are only awarded to first-time, MS resident, and  enroll in at least 15 credit hours. To qualify, students must attend MCC the fall semester immediately following their high school graduation. Students who attend MCC during the summer following their high school graduation are eligible for a President's or Dean's scholarship in the fall. Students must apply before the first day of fall semester classes.
  • President's and Dean's scholarships are awarded on the basis of the date a completed file is received in the Financial Aid Office, not on the individual’s ACT score. A completed file for a President's or Dean's scholarship includes a scholarship application and a copy of the student’s high school transcript, including the ACT scores.
  • Scholarship awards cannot be raised after the first day of classes for the first semester of enrollment.
  • President's and Dean's scholarships are given for four semesters (excluding summers) provided the student maintains 15 credit hours and the required grade point average.