Meridian Community College
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Documentation and Requirements

Meridian Community College has two major purposes for documentation requirements: (a) to provide students with disabilities personally appropriate modifications and services in order to enhance their potential for college success; (b) to uphold the academic integrity of MCC by assuring that no student is given unfair advantage because of a suspected or documented learning disability. Toward these ends, the College reserves the right to require specific diagnostic information necessary to determine the nature and extent of individual disabilities.

The CTE Support Services Office is exclusively responsible for receiving and holding documentation of disabilities. Documentation is treated confidentially and will not be released to anyone outside the accommodation process or CTE Support Services Office without the student’s permission. Other departments and faculty should not keep copies or request documentation related to a student’s disability.

It is the responsibility of the student to assume the initiative in presenting documentation directly to the CTE Support Services Office. A licensed psychologist or physician must make the evaluation, diagnosis, and written report. The professional who makes the diagnosis is encouraged to provide a list of reasonable accommodations.
Listed below are forms to be filled out for disability(ies) documentation:

Students with physical or health impairments
Students with attention related disability
Students with a psychological disability
Students with visual impairments / blind
Students with hearing impairment / deaf