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sign language interpreters

MCC provides interpreter services for students with the proper documentation. Interpreter services are provided for all academic courses and course-related activities such as field trips. The college is responsible for the cost of the interpreter; however, the college will not pay for interpreter services for courses that the student has previously satisfactorily passed. Vocational Rehabilitation may reimburse the college for the cost of the interpreter if the student qualifies for services through their agency.


  1. Register for classes
  2. Meet with the CTE Support Services Office at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to request an interpreter along with any other accommodations. Note: If a student does not meet deadlines, MCC will attempt to provide, but can not guarantee interpreter services.
  3. Notify the CTE Support Services Office 24 hours in advance when planning on missing a class or event.
  4. Provide the CTE Support Services Office with two weeks notice if your current interpreter can not interpret for a special event or activity related to school.

Canceling Interpreter Services

Notifying the CTE Support Services Office less than 24 hours in advance is considered a LATE NOTICE. Failure to contact the CTE Support Services Coordinator 60 minutes before a class is considered a NO SHOW. Two LATE NOTICES are considered one NO SHOW. If the student receives three NO SHOWS in any one class, the services for that class will be terminated. Reinstatement of services requires a formal request to the CTE Support Services Office. Students experiencing sudden illness, accidents, or injury should contact the CTE Support Services Office as soon as possible in order to avoid receiving a NO SHOW.

The interpreter will wait ten minutes to verify class attendance before leaving. After that time the student will be given a NO SHOW.

Note: Due to severe shortages in qualified sign language interpreters, the CTE Support Services Coordinator must prioritize interpreter services. NO SHOWS place a student at the bottom of the priority list.