Who participates in lifetime quest?

People with many different interests participate in Lifetime Quest programs. Offerings include a wide variety of topics ranging from Great Books discussion groups to gardening seminars to French for Travelers.

Speakers offer humorous accounts of "What it Means to be a Mississippian" and enlightening anecdotes of "Tales from the Presidential Helicopter." White House correspondent Helen Thomas' thought-provoking address urged members to "Keep Learning."

Lifetime Quest members and participants are retired and semi retired doctors, lawyers, dentists, homemakers, teachers, librarians, musicians, artists, accountants, contractors, railroad workers, secretaries, entrepreneurs...The list goes on and on. There is a program for everyone in Lifetime Quest.

Think you might be interested in participating or even leading a program? Simply call the Lifetime Quest office in Hardin Hall. Our numbers are 601-484-8696 or 1-800-MCC-THE-1, extension 696.