Tuition Guarantee



Why Tuition Guarantee?

  • To prepare our students to meet the ever-changing challenges of today’s world.
  • To help provide a trained workforce.
  • To help our students obtain job skills and life skills.
  • To eliminate the financial barriers that prevents enrollment and success in college.
  • To help ensure economic prosperity, Lauderdale County students will have the opportunity to obtain a quality education.
  • To make an investment with guaranteed returns.

What Every Individual Needs to Know About the MCC Foundation

Tuition Guarantee
The Tuition Guarantee Program has directly helped over 6,631 students. The MCC Foundation’s committed Board of Directors work diligently each year to raise monies required to fund this program. Tuition Guarantee directly impacts our increased enrollment and our record number of graduates. MCC has the highest graduation rate in the State. Meridian Community College is strengthening our community through education.  With your help, our unique Tuition Guarantee Program is touching the lives of many Lauderdale County families.

Student scholarships
The Foundation awards approximately 230 merit scholarships  each year. Students who sign the MCC Foundation Tuition Guarantee contract and earn a 21 or above on their ACT will receive an additional $600 per semester for books.

Tuition guarantee is available to any student who meets the following requirements:

  • The student must be a Lauderdale County resident who is a spring graduate of Meridian High School, one of the Lauderdale County schools, Lauderdale County private school, or a home school student.
  • The student must apply and enroll by the fall semester following high school graduation.
  • The student must complete and submit a “Tuition Guarantee” packet.
  • The student must take the American College Testing Program (ACT).
  • The student must be enrolled in 15 credit hours at MCC.
  • The student must maintain at least a “C” average at Meridian Community College.
  • The student must agree to send all grades to his or her parents.

Is Tuition Guarantee working?
MCC continues to break enrollment records. This past year we had  343 Tuition Guarantee students in the University Transfer Program and 242 Tuition Guarantee students in Occupational Education Programs. That is a total of 585 Tuition Guarantee freshmen and sophomores. We are building the workforce of tomorrow and raising expectations among younger students that they can go to college!

Why is Tuition Guarantee Important?
For high school graduates, the greatest barrier to college is money. Yet, the largest gains in earning power occur with the addition of two years of training after high school. This unique opportunity is helping to educate Lauderdale County graduates and put them to work. An educated workforce means a more prosperous future for all of us. Tuition Guarantee promotes economic development. It gives families and businesses a reason to move to Lauderdale County.
The MCC Foundation has raised more than $4 million in support of the Tuition Guarantee Program benefiting over 6631 local students.

What is your College doing to build a first-class workforce?
In East Central Mississippi, the place for workforce training is MCC! The MCC Structural Steel Workforce Development Center provides opportunities for individuals to improve/enhance technical or cognitive skills and abilities needed in the workplace. Training is flexible, and where needed, customized for an industry’s specific needs. There has been  consistent growth in the variety of skills taught through Workforce Development, the newest being Welding and Cutting Technology and Industrial Maintenance Technician training. The goal of Workforce Development is to increase the work-related skills within the workforce of East Mississippi.