Arts and Letters


2015-2016 MCC Arts & Letters Series Schedule

The Meridian Community College Arts & Letters Series kicks off 2015 with High Class Keys of Dunlap and Pennington. The season is full of great entertainment for all ages.  All shows are held in the McCain Theater. Theater opens approximately 30 minutes prior to show time.  No admittance after the show has started.

We will need approximately 20 actors, with ethnic roles available.  This audition will be held in McCain Theatre on Monday, August 31, at 6 p.m.  Actors should prepare a serious one minute monologue to deliver at audition and should additionally come prepared to read from a script that we will provide.  Anyone is welcome to audition.

:A Time To Kill Cast

Deputy Looney (No Lines)
Guard (No Lines)
Tonya Hailey (10 year old daughter of Carl Lee and Gwen Hailey)
Pete Willard (Accused of assaulting Tonya Hailey)
Cobb (Accused of assaulting Tonya Hailey)
Jake Brigance (Defense Attorney)
Mr. Pate (Court Deputy)
Sheriff Ozzie
Judge Noose
Tyndale – (Public Defender)
Carl Lee Hailey (Father of Tonya Hailey)
Rufus Buckley (District Attorney)
Norma (Court Reporter)
Lucien Wilbanks (Mentor to Jake Brigance)
Ellen Roark (Law student)
Assistant D.A. Musgrove
Gwen Hailey (Wife of Carl Lee Hailey, Mother of Tonya Hailey)
Dr. W. T. Bass (Psychiatrist for defense)
Grist (Redneck, threatens to bomb Brigance’s house)
Dr. Roadheaver (Psychiatrist for prosecution, from Whitfield)