When  tutoring, you will find yourself with many tutees who are different from you.  Someone may have a learning disability.  Another person may be of a different race, religion, age group, or gender.  What if a person is not as intelligent as you or maybe not as wealthy as you?  What effect does this have on your tutoring sessions?  Below are areas to consider and ways to overcome your differences.

Avoid Stereotyping

Consciously refrain from stereotyping or generalizing groups of people.

        For instance, you have probably heard someone say, "All ____ are alike: ___!"
        Perhaps you have heard someone say, "All _____look alike."
        Anyone can fill in that blank with anyone he/she does not like.
            What if someone said, "All tutors are alike:  ____!"
            What if someone said, "All tutors look alike."
        Is either statement true?  No.
            Each tutor is an individual.
            Each tutor has different facial and body features.
            Each tutor has different thoughts, hobbies, and talents.
        Each person is a separate entity - even twins.  As a tutor, you must allow each person his/her own dignity as a human being.
        Stereotyping is a form of bias that limits a person's growth as a well-rounded individual.
            Stereotyping prevents being able to keep an open mind
            Stereotyping prevents being able to think critically.
            Stereotyping prevents being able to tutor well.

    When a person uses stereotyping, he lowers his own measure, not that of someone else.

Find Similarities

What do you have in common? Finding the answer/s will help both of you become comfortable with each other.  Establishing a comfort zone will allow trust to soon follow, in turn allowing your tutoring session to flow more smoothly.

    Do you share a hobby?
    Do you look so similar you could be twins?  Same hair color and style, same clothes?
    Did you go to the same high school?
    Do you both like sports?
    Are you majoring in the same area/s?
    Do both of you like the same type of jewelry?
    Do you like the same music?
    Do you drive the same type of car?
    Do you both play sports?

Respect Differences

People have the right to have opinions different from your own.

    If everyone thought alike, the world would become stagnant.
    We would have no new ideas, new inventions, new art, or new music.
    Life would be boring.

Your thoughts, likes and dislikes, opinions, and ideas are part of you.  When someone makes fun of them or in any other way indicates that your ideas are worthless, you feel as if that person has personally attacked you, and not the ideas.  Each person deserves the respect of individuality.

Be Patient

Be patient. Next to tutoring area knowledge, patience is the most important virtue for a tutor.  Practicing patience allows a person to overlook a lot

Be Professional

Regardless of what you believe and what your tutee believes, what you possess versus your tutee or vice versa, what you look like as opposed to your tutee, you both deserve respect.

    Be polite
    Remain calm
    Remain objective


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