Everyone knows it is important to display common sense when dealing with others, but you might be surprised how easy it is to fall into some physical environmental traps when tutoring.


If you keep the following topics in mind, you will overcome your first tutoring obstacle. Watch your step. Physical environmental hurdles are easily forgotten.



Although the Student Success Center strives to provide flexible schedules that meet the demands of an average student, we ask that you plan eating times that do not interfere with when you are on duty.   Likewise, drinks on the table during tutoring sessions are to be avoided.   Food and drink are not allowed in the SSC. 



The SSC asks that you dress appropriately. 


  • Please do no wear risqué clothing, which makes others perceive you as less than credible. 
  • Risqué clothing rules apply equally to males and females.
  • Risqué clothing includes jeans, shirts, or blouses cut so low that body parts or intimate apparel show when you lean over; extra tight clothing that shows off certain body parts; extra short skirts or shorts that show body parts before or after you lean over


On the other hand, you should also avoid coming in over-dressed. Tutees relate to peer tutors as students - not teachers or professionals. Use this to your advantage by dressing like an average student. By choosing appropriate clothing, you add value to your session without a lot of effort.



We've all been distracted by the girl wearing too much perfume and the guy who just got back from the gym.  Be mindful of these things before coming on duty. Smells are distracting.  Keep in mind that some foods, such as garlic or onions; drinks, such as coffee; and habits, such as smoking, can also cause odors on your breath and clothes.


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