Online courses should be indicative of traditional course in which they are interactive, collaborative, engaging, and accessible. Through the use of our learning management system, Blackboard, there are a variety of tools available that may be helpful when developing your courses.

Productivity Software:
These programs allow for creation of text documents, spreadsheets, and slide presentations.
• Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, or 2010
• Open Office (free)

These tools allow for the creation of audio, video, and screencast content (podcasts) to be be distributed in a variety of methods, including through CANVAS or iTunes U.
• Jing (free)
• Tok Box (free)
• Blackboard Collaborate
• Blackboard Instant Messenger

PDF Creation:
These tools allow for the creation and/or editing of PDF files, which is a more generally accessible format.
• CutePDF (free)
• Microsoft Save as PDF Add-in for Microsoft Office 2007

Image Editing:
These tools allow for editing of photos or other images.
• Picasa (free)
• Picnik (free)

Assessment Creation:
These test, pool, and learning activity creation programs provide quick and efficient publication to your course(s).
Respondus 4.0 (Tests and Pools) - A campus-wide license is available, allowing faculty to install this software on office and/or personal computers. Installation instructions are available on the CANVAS Faculty tab.

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