Meridian Community College’s move towards E-textbooks
Providing a more advanced source at a better price
Getting started with E-textbooks……

Several courses at Meridian Community College will now offer textbooks in an electronic format (E-textbook). For each course where an E-textbook is provided, the student will be charged a fee for the textbook and will have access to the textbook on the day the course begins. The E-textbook refund policy will follow the refund policy for tuition and fees approved by the Board of Trustees.

Here are a few questions and answers to help you access and use your E-textbook:

What is an E-textbook?
An E-textbook is an electronic version of a textbook. It is a consumable not a tangible good with subscription to end at the end of the class or withdrawal from the class.

Will I still be able to get a regular book for my class?
The fee for the use of the E-textbook will be added to your account upon registration. There will be a limited number of traditional textbooks in the bookstore at an additional cost.

What is needed in order to access my E-textbook?
Students must use a compatible personal electronic device of some type (Desktop computer, Laptop computer, Tablet, etc.) to access the E-textbook. (Computers in campus computer labs may be used to access online E-textbooks)

  • The device should have these minimum requirements: 1.0 gHz or greater, 512 MB of RAM or greater, 1024X768 resolution or greater, Internet connection for registration and downloading.
  •  Instructions will be provided on how to access/download your E-textbook on the first day of class.
  • Each student must have their own E-textbook in order to complete homework assignments and tests from supplemental materials linked to the student’s E-textbook access information.
  • For more information please call 601-553-3414 or email helpdesk@meridiancc.edu. Your questions will be answered within 48 hours.
What will Meridian Community College provide?
  • MCC will provide the infrastructure (wireless internet) for students to use E-textbooks.
  • MCC will provide assistance to students in the utilization of the wireless internet network.
What MCC will NOT provide:
  • MCC will not provide maintenance or repair to students’ personal devices.
  • MCC will not resolve disputes concerning access to materials between the student and the publisher.
  • MCC will not be responsible for lost or stolen access codes.
  • MCC will not be responsible for lost or stolen personal devices.
Why a move towards E-textbooks?
  • Provides lower cost textbooks for students.
  • Introduces a format and technology that will likely be used at universities and in the work place.
  • Makes textbooks accessible to the student on the first day of class (No more waiting on financial aid to buy my textbooks).