Canvas Faculty Training

Want to Know More About Canvas?
Take a look at a course inside Canvas.
This is a public video course designed to help
instructors quickly learn Canvas basics.


Please watch these short tutorials before attending any face-to-face workshop sessions.

• Welcome to Canvas
• Dashboard
• Navigation
• Course Home Page
• Settings
• Notification Preferences
• Course Set-Up List
• Course Menu Buttons
• Announcements
• Calendar
• Files
• Assignments
• Discussions
• Communicating with Students

• Gradebook
• Statistics
• Modules
• Syllabus
• Quizzes
• Pages
• Conferences
• Chat
• Importing Content - 1
• Importing Content - 2
• Importing from Respondus
• SpeedGrader
• Mobile Apps for Canvas
• Outcomes

For a full list of video tutorials, visit the Canvas Video Guide.

Additional Training Material

At the Cengage CourseCare site:

CengageNOW: (2) Importing an ExamView test bank, Importing a Respondus test bank

CourseMate: (2) Creating a MindLink into CourseMate, Creating a DeepLink

MindTap: (2) Creating a Mindlink into MindTap, Creating a DeepLink

Course Cartridge/WebTutor (Other Platforms):  Creating a MindLink into MindTap, Creating a DeepLink, Creating a MindLink into CourseMate, Importing an ExamView test bank, Importing a Respondus test bank

The direct URLS if you prefer to embed at your training sites are:

Importing ExamView test banks:    http://www.wadsworthmedia.com/tlc/CANVAS/Canvasexamviewtestbanks.mp4

Importing Respondus test banks: http://www.wadsworthmedia.com/tlc/CANVAS/Canvasrespondustestbanks.mp4

Creating a MindLink (MindTap): http://www.wadsworthmedia.com/tlc/CANVAS/ICanvasMindLink.mp4

Creating a DeepLink: http://www.wadsworthmedia.com/tlc/CANVAS/ICanvasDeepLink.mp4

Creating a MindLink into CourseMate: http://www.wadsworthmedia.com/tlc/CANVAS/cmlcm.mp4